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Does anyone else realize that their parents/guardians/ppl who raised them, are going to die?  And that realization then causes anxiety?  Like, I have to sit down sometimes.  I know it’s going to happen and I guess I’m prepping for it, but… ugh.  Why am I even thinking about this? (Because I need to have therapy groups and alcohol groups on speed dial when it happens).

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TASM 2 is honestly on my list of guilty pleasures for the following reasons:

  1. Hans Zimmer, Pharrell and the supergroup The Magnificent Six fucking destroyed this score and soundtrack.  I literally keep watching the lackluster movie because I want to listen to it (I obvo have the score too).
  2. Spider-Man’s moves like a spider.  I don’t know if the animator observed spiders or spoke to people who have arachnophobia, but there are multiple scenes where Peter shimmies up a web and I have to stop myself from puking.  Because, ugh, that is so spider like.
  3. Gwen Stacy saying "My choice".  You will never catch me defending the decision to stick with the comicverse death of Gwen.  NEVER.  I effing hate that there was a conscious decision to keep this unnecessary death because it allows Peter manpain aka emotional growth.  But whoever wrote Emma Stone’s monologue about how her actions were her choice… that writing and Emma Stone’s delivery deserve all the goddamn acclaim. No one makes her decisions for her, it is her choice.  Her choice.

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Donald Glover as Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors

Oh no. They’re adorable.

My nephew loves Spider-Man (I call him Spider-Boy/Kid sometime and stay getting him Spider-Man swag).  Anywho, I told my mom how adorable I think it is because Ultimate Spider-Man is black so my nephew could totes be Miles Morales.  My mom then got really confused when she bought him some Avengers swag and Falcon was on it and she asked me if that was who I was talking about.  It was super cute and I basically patted her head and said “no, but he is going to be Captain America soon”.

TL;DR representation matters

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Let us be vividly clear about this.

What the New York Times did to Michael Brown today was not merely slander. It wasn’t a case of a lack of journalistic integrity.

Highlighting that a black teenager was “no angel” on the day he is being laid to rest after being hunted and killed by racist vigilante forces is not an unfortunate coincidence.

The New York Times deliberately played into an archaic American tradition in devaluing both the merit of black life and the tragedy of black death.

They chose the day of his funeral, as his family, friends and activists everywhere have to grapple with a human being lost to pontificate about how he was “no angel”. Michael Brown was many things to many people; a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew and another black causality of murderous police institutions and today, amidst all the racist violence he, his loved ones and community have had to endure, he was going to finally receive the respect and moment of honor he deserved and NYT decided today, of all days, to tune in their audience onto wholly irrelevant facts about his life - that in turn, transform the very injustice surrounding his death and the following police violence that plagued Ferguson into a national panel about whether or not his death is actually worth mourning and their language suggested that to them, it indeed is not.

This was hardly an accident or mistake. This is the perpetual hostility that is met against black life in America. The consensus is that black people deserve no respect and for black life to be legitimized and honored, we must meet a list of prerequisites. Subsequently, if black people aren’t valued, neither are our deaths understood as tragic or murders seen as criminal action.

This has been the atmosphere of America since its inception and much has not improved.

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