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I’m a terrible student. I got a 3 day extension for this paper and I’m still gonna turn it in a day late. Come ON ADHD, help a lady out!

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plot twist: michaela opens up about her relationship woes to laurel. laurel suggests her fiance might be bisexual, and michaela is like what so laurel tells her more about it and openly challenges some of the stigmas and stereotypes. michaela and aiden discuss it. they feel secure in their engagement and proper apologies and promises are made between them. connor makes a rude jab at michaela again. michaela is like lmao you are not a threat to me anymore. connor is bitter. whines about it to oliver who reminds him he was being a douche. bam. problems resolved.

Connor snakily tries to sew more discord:  He says that there’s no such thing as bisexuality, don’t be so naive—-
Laurel gives him a poisonous glare: “Oh really?  Well it will interest you to know that I’m bisexual, and I think you’re an insufferable prick.”

Wes cocks his head and chimes in: “Me too. I mean about the bisexual thing.  Though you are a prick.”

Straight-guy McGee says “Whoa, seems like you and me are the only ones who can make up our minds about anything, right?  Ha ha, high five!  Connor is humiliated and brought low.

Connor gripes about the whole situation to Oliver, who totally takes him to task for being a disgusting person who would out his friend and try to break up a marriage out of spite.  ”You know what, I think I wanna be alone tonight. Don’t call me.”

Connor realizes how much he’s fucked up and he apologizes to Aiden and to Michaela and grows up a little as a person.

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Filed under How To Get Away With Murder HTGAWM this is what needs to happen I was very upset by Michaela's response to be fair that was a SUPER IMPORTANT piece of info that her fiance conveniently left out and Connor was a piece of shit about it but I wish her reaction had been more complex

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Why am I reading that Scarlett Johannson was offered the role of Motoko Kusanagi in the live action version of Ghost In The Shell?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy ScarJo (there’s also no confirmation that she’s accepted and she better fucking not) BUT there is no reason why this role shouldn’t go to either a Japanese.  Anything but is pure whitewashing.  FULL STOP.  

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i just read the weirdest and most disturbing fic ever. and like. my usual standards are pretty weird you know. but this one was just too weird. like. really fucking weird. i just cant believe someone actually sat there and wrote that. i just. omg.

That reminds me of this Bruce/Loki fic I read on a whim where the author did not properly tag what was going to ensue.  I’m a kinkster so things don’t shock me, but it’s really startling when BAM of a sudden there’s watersports in a fic when you weren’t expecting it.

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im a bad person who thinks bad thoughts like ‘ew what is that girl wearing’ and then remember that im supposed to be positive about all things and then think ‘no she can wear what she wants, fuck what other people say damn girl u look fabulous’ and im just a teeny bit hypocritical tbh

I was always taught by my mother, That the first thought that goes through your mind is what you have been conditioned to think. What you think next defines who you are.

This is literally what goes on in my head every time I see someone wearing leggings as pants or shorts that let their butt cheeks fall out.  Then I stop myself and acknowledge that I’m not mad at them, I’m wrestling with my own body image and how it was created by this fucked up world

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Steve Rogers did, in fact, realize that something was off when he saw the outline of the woman’s odd bra (a push-up bra, he would later learn), but being an officer and a gentleman, he said that it was the game that gave the future away.


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That man is a despicable pile of human garbage.  When he said “they’re all Asian” (or whatever the fuck his racist ass said) I wanted to puke. Way to reduce more than half of the world’s population to a single entity.  He can’t even acknowledge that Asian-Americans have varying experiences because Asia has many different countries and ethnic groups?!  I hate this man with A PASSION and continuing to have him on TDS is only giving him yet another outlet to spew his vitriol.  

Bet money if someone every told him “Well, you’re all European” he would shit himself like “NO I’M IRISH, WE WERE ENSLAVED AND OPPRESSED WAAAAAH.”  I mean no disrespect to people of Irish descent because England did y’all WRONG but it’s endlessly frustrating how that argument is always used without recognition that Irish people were eventually accepted into whiteness (at least in the US) and then helped to police the color line.

I guess having Bill O’Reilly on the show makes Jon Stewart and the wrtiers of TDS seem more reasonable in comparison (even though TDS sometimes needs to check itself) but he is just so fucking offensive and exemplary of how scary the cult of personality can be.  He and people who agree with him genuinely frighten me because they give zero fucks about people like me and are so unable to even consider the possibility that there is more to the world than their own little bubble.  That extreme lack of compassion for other human beings who are different is the stuff nightmares (and history) are made of.

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Professor email:
I haven't gotten your midterm assignment, just wanted to remind you.
Lol, yeah thanks for that, I'll drop tumblr and hop right on it

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Okay, but this movie wins the award for Best Use of Manpain, tho.

In any other movie, Raleigh would’ve spent 90 minutes being like MY PAIN IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR STUPID WAR, and instead, he snaps back into action as soon as he meets Mako. That’s awesome. But what floors me is that he uses his own grief to help Mako survive hers. He knows how awful it is to lose your family. He knows what she’s going through. And instead of whining or thinking his pain makes him entitled to opt out of his responsibilities, he empathizes with Mako, supports her, and encourages her.

Raleigh’s greatest strength is his compassion. And that’s the kind of male hero I’d like to see on my screen, please.

Plus, like, a bazillion more movies about Mako Mori.

I have a friend who thinks Pacific Rim is the best expression of true, non-toxic, GOOD masculinity in recent times.

All agreement.

Let’s talk about Stacker Pentecost in light of this, though. Because we learn, towards the end of the movie, that the day he met Mako is the day he lost his partner. He gets out of that jaeger after having piloted it alone, after having his body burned for hours by toxic radiation, after losing the person he was mentally linked to (family? partner? friend?) and what does he do? He adopts a young girl, and more than that, he promises her her right to revenge if that’s what she wants. Tries his best to keep her safe but gives her the tools and skills and support and eventually permission to fight. Respects her enough to rely on her. Gives her a home and family and meaningful, important vocation during the goddamn apocalypse. Let’s talk about the kind of masculinity that uplifts others that completely. That takes all kinds of pain and stands up in the face of it because of the people who need to see him still standing. That has purpose and drive and passion but above all understands other people and believes in them.

Stacker fucking Pentecost everybody.

I have a friend who thinks Pacific Rim is the best expression of true, non-toxic, GOOD masculinity in recent times.


I just wanna point out that via Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero, we find out that Stacker’s sister Luna died during K-Day.  Remember at the begining when the fighter jets are shooting at Tresspasser and one of them collides with Tress. and explodes? THAT WAS LUNA PENTACOST.  Tamsin Seaver (who I heavily suspect was Luna’s partner/SO) then trains in the Jaeger Program with Stacker.  She actually didn’t die in the fight with Onibaba, instead she develops cancer, the same cancer that Stacker now has and she dies shortly before the bulk of the movie.  It’s heavily alluded that she might have been a maternal/sisterly figure for Mako.  Stacker lost his sister, his remaining link to his sister, and might lose his daughter. 

That the people in the PR world are able to continue fighting fills me with so much hope. 

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