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Reconsider changes to AR 670-1 to allow professional ethnic hairstyles. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Signal boosting because I’ve been disgusted by this whole issue since I heard about the airwoman who was told she couldn’t have twists a few years back.

The time a person who doesn’t have straight hair has to waste to make their hair conform to ridiculous ideas of professionalism is time that could have been spent, oh I dunno, serving our neo-colonialist military-industrial complex.

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Well, we had a lot of stuff that we cut out that we simply couldn’t afford to produce. The show has a very tight budget, and it’s very streamlined in its storytelling. We had scenes where Hannibal goes down into his basement kill room, where we saw Beverly Katz go, and he goes through a door, and he goes into a steam tunnel, and you see him following that steam tunnel, and he goes down for like miles and miles and miles. So we essentially established a way for Hannibal to get in and out of his house without anybody seeing him and use underground steam tunnels throughout Baltimore to get around the city. We simply couldn’t produce it and couldn’t find the time. In our minds, he goes down in the basement and goes out a secret door into the steam tunnels, and that’s how he got to Chilton’s house, and that’s how he got back into his house without anybody noticing, but we couldn’t produce it, so we lifted that element and have the rationale in our brains, if anybody asks the question—but we just weren’t able to show you.

Bryan Fuller on how Hannibal NEVER GETS FUCKING CAUGHT THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH [X] (via crushinglybeautiful)


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So Hannibal’s house is basically a fucking Clue board game.

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